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Window 10 CompatibleA Puzzle game has a set of disks , having a different diameter , 3 boards and 3 zone-bars(Zone1,Zone2,Zone3) . The player must match the START and the GOAL positions. The player can move disks between the zones. The player can put disk over any disk( or stuck of disks)having a larger diameter. No disk shall be placed on a top of another disk(or stuck of disks)having a smaller diameter. Clicking on the Zone-bar will lift-up the disk(s). Another click on the Zone-bar will put the disk(s) down. Use ENTER to restart the current room. Or you can use right button mouse click. You may use ARROWs key(Upp,Down) to switch between screen modes. Change border color by pressing 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 numpad key. To Save/Load game(room) use F5/F8 . Or you can use middle button mouse click. In the SavedGamesRoom or SolvedGamesRoom click on the bars to load the game.

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